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Many Dallas-area suburbs grew rapidly after World War II and that growth soon tailed off. But much like Corinth, Rowlett’s rapid growth has a different pattern. The city began growing after sprawling Lake Ray Hubbard opened in 1971.

Today, Rowlett is the eighth fastest-growing community in the United States. There is more growth on the horizon. In 2015, the city began transforming an erstwhile neglected park into one of the largest and most modern multi-use developments in the state.

Affordable Local Movers Rowlett

If your family or business is contemplating a move to Rowlett, now is the time to act. At Green Van Lines, our experienced professionals are ready to help you put your relocation plans into action. Much like Rowlett is a small town with big city amenities, Green Van Lines is a local movers company that has nationwide resources. So, we are well-positioned to relocate your family or business to Rowlett in the most cost-effective way possible.

Local Moves Rowlett

When completed, the Bayside Development might largely transform Rowlett from a bedroom community to a fully-independent community. That exciting possibility draws many families and businesses from other parts of Dallas-Fort Worth to Rowlett.

There is housing available for everyone, from starter homes to McMansions. The fast pace of development also means plenty of quality commercial space, from the renovated downtown to modern mini-malls.

For many years, the experienced Green Van Lines team has helped families and businesses put down roots in a new part of the area. In fact, most of the relocations we handle cover less than one hundred miles.

Although the move may look like a short distance on a map, moving to Rowlett is like moving to another planet. It’s quite different from other area cities.

So, our team does more than load and unload trucks. We take the extra time needed to help you feel more comfortable in your new neighborhood. That extra effort helps us develop relationships with customers, so we can become their moving and storage company of choice.

We also pride ourselves on our timeliness – our Rowlett movers will always show up on time and get straight to work. When you utilize Green Van Lines, you’ll reap the benefits that come from using our state-of-the-art moving, storage, and packing services.

Long Distance Moves to Rowlett

Rowlett’s combination of a small-town atmosphere and big-city amenities attracts many businesses and families from other parts of the state and country. In fact, Rowlett is one of the most diverse Lake Ray Hubbard suburbs. This diversity means that, regardless of its background, your family or business can find a home in Rowlett.

Long distance moving and relocations resemble relay races with many moving companies. Different teams load things, transport things, and unload things. But the experienced Green Van Lines movers can handle all aspects of your long distance relocation. Instead of farming work out for someone else, we typically handle everything in the house. 

This seamless approach helps us reduce our expenses. And, we pass those savings onto our customers. Additionally, we offer multiple pricing packages, like flat fee moves, even in long distance relocations.

Vehicle Rowlett Moves

As is the case in many growing communities, traffic congestion is an issue in Rowlett, especially at certain times of the day and night. A large moving truck rumbling down a side street does not help. Packaged vehicle relocations reduce traffic congestion, if only for a few hours. Additionally, being without a car for a few hours introduces many people to the possibilities of alternative transportation. auto transport services.

At Green Van Lines, we do not simply attach your family car to a trailer hitch. Instead, we have developed a safe and convenient vehicle transportation system. And, since we are fully insured, our vehicle moves are more than convenient. They also give movers additional peace of mind at a time when the peace of mind is in short supply.

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Commercial Relocations (from/to Rowlett)

Business is booming in Rowlett, both now and in the future. The sooner your business relocates to Rowlett, the sooner you can take advantage of this growing customer base.
Some of the commercial relocations we handle include:

  • Offices: Rowlett has above-average affluence and a slightly older population. As a result, there is an outsized demand for legal, medical, and financial professionals. Our experienced team takes care of the move, so these businesses can take care of their clients.
  • Laboratories: The busy medical sector, as well as a growing need for employment screenings, also creates an outsized demand for laboratory services. These relocations typically involve delicate equipment. At Green Van Lines, we give this equipment the care it deserves but does not use that as an excuse to fall behind schedule.
  • Hospitality: Rowlett has a few hotels, but much of this sector is small lakeside Airbnb rentals. These rentals have very low margins, so a low cost is essential. We keep costs low without taking shortcuts.

We have the experience, dedication, and resources to take on all these commercial moving relocations, no matter how big or how small they are.

Residential Moves

Rowlett has some of the safest and nicest neighborhoods in Dallas. Additionally, Garland ISD, which covers most of Rowlett, is one of the most highly-rated school districts in the state. As for retail, small, family-owned businesses dominate much of the landscape. So, if you are looking for a relaxed yet accessible home for your family, Rowlett may be the place for you.

Our green moving crates are a big part of our residential moves. These reusable crates are much more practical than disposable cardboard boxes. Many movers return their moving crates to us where, with a little TLC, they are ready for future moves. Others retain their crates and use them as modular storage units.

Corporate HQ Relocations

Rowlett has no glass and concrete corporate skyscrapers. For many small corporations, that environment is ideal. Alternative space includes a renovated historical home or commercial building and space in a modern mini-mall.

Many of these corporate relocation services are not much more than a few people and a few items of furniture. Some relocation companies assign these moves second-tier status, but that does not happen at Green Van Lines. Our experienced team knows how to get your experienced leadership team up and running as quickly as possible.

Direction to Nearest Branch

Do you want to schedule your first moving appointment with us? Come by our local Rowlett branch – we’re always happy to talk with you and answer your questions.

Click here to find the Green Van Lines location nearest you. We are ready to put our experience to work for your family or business.

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About Rowlett

Rowlett is a charming suburb to the northeast of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area and has a population estimated to be nearly 57,000. It is a thriving, bustling community located on the picturesque Lake Ray Hubbard.

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