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In its early days, Mesquite was a mostly agrarian community known as a haven for notorious Wild West outlaws. Today, this award-winning city is one of the largest Dallas suburbs and one of the largest cities in the state. Four major interstate highways run through Mesquite. As a result, much of the city’s strong economy rests on the transportation and shipping sectors.

At Green Van Lines, our experienced Mesquite, Texas Movers Mesquite, has experienced much of the city’s growth and transformation first hand. Our local knowledge helps your residential or commercial relocation to or from Mesquite run much more smoothly. Also, as part of the transportation and shipping industry, we are proud to help make The Rodeo Capital of Texas a better place to live and work.

Residential Moves

Like many other Texas towns, Mesquite has grown exponentially since the end of World War II. This thriving environment attracts many businesses and families from other parts of the D-FW metroplex.

Some local moving companies make big promises and do not always follow through. At Green Van Lines, our experienced team knows that the secret to a successful relocation is usually to keep things simple. Therefore, our commitment to you is simple.

We have experience in moving just about anything. Residential moves often include antique items, pianos, large pieces of furniture, and even small boxes of cookware. Whatever the box is filled with, our professional movers in Mesquite will carefully load each one onto the truck for transport.

We will show up on time and work hard. This approach helps us complete most moves on time and under budget.

Moving days go smoother at Green Van Lines because our Mesquite, Texas movers spend extra time laying the groundwork. We plan the most efficient routes in advance. You can also be sure that our team will have the tools it needs to do the job right. That extra oversight prevents costly delays.

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About Mesquite

Mesquite, an eastern suburb of Dallas, was founded in 1878 along the Texas & Pacific Railroad. The city quickly began to grow with the railroad running through the area. Today, Eastfield College and Texas A&M University offer new opportunities to potential students. For tourists, great places to eat in the city include Razzoo’s Cajun Café and Bubba’s 33.

Corporate HQ Relocations

In 2006, the past and future of Mesquite converged. A sprawling FedEx logistical center, which employs thousands of people, replaced Big Town Mall, which opened in 1959 as the country’s first air-conditioned indoor mall. To more efficiently serve customers, many corporate headquarters relocated to Mesquite. If your corporation is contemplating such a move, now is the time to pull the trigger.

Time is money in these situations. It’s essential that our team get your new headquarters up and running as quickly as possible, so you do not lose touch with branch offices and customers. So, the experienced professionals at Green Van Lines help you make the most out of this relocation opportunity. 

Corporate HQ moves involve relocating people as well as items. We help make both these relocations as smooth as possible. We give corporate fixtures, equipment, and furniture the care they deserve. Additionally, we help your key team members relocate to the Mesquite area. That could mean providing full relocation services or simply suggesting a place that serves excellent pizza.

Local Moves

Most Green Van Lines moves are local moves that cover less than one hundred miles. In many cases, our local moves cover only a fraction of that distance. But our short-distance moves do not receive less attention. If anything, the opposite is true.

Green Van Lines is a nationwide company with North Texas roots. So, our experienced Mesquite, Texas movers are not just randomly assigned movers from another location or day laborers with little training. Instead, they are local professionals who have pride in their communities. That pride shines through in everything we do.

Many of these moves involve residential downsizing. So, we do more than offer relocation services. There are also secure and convenient storage locations near you. Think of us as your second garage. Let us handle excess furniture or personal items. When you need them, they’ll be ready for you.

Commercial Relocations

A business move is more than a relocation. These events give you a chance to connect with a new customer base while keeping the old one. The experienced Green Van Lines moving team helps you make the most of this opportunity. Because of our expertise, we are able to handle a vast array of large and small moves, including:

  • Offices: The faster you get back to business as usual, the better it is for everyone. So, our goal at Green Van Lines is to get your office up and running as soon as possible. That includes IT and other services as necessary.
  • Laboratories: These relocations usually mean moving services for large, expensive, and sensitive equipment. We take the extra time needed to plan things out and do things right. We never leave details to chance.
  • Libraries: Whether they are standalone facilities or part of an office move, library relocations are some of the most detail-intensive relocations we handle. Our experienced team is up to the task.

We have the resources to handle the largest commercial moves and the time to handle the smallest moves. So, wherever you fall in this continuum, you can count on us.


Long Distance Moves

Frequently, long distance move resembles relay races. Moving companies use multiple crews in multiple locations. But at Green Van Lines, one team usually handles everything from end to end. The same crew typically loads your stuff, transports it, and unloads it at the new location. 

These relocations are possible at Green Van Lines because all our team members are thoroughly trained in all aspects of all moves. We don’t compartmentalize job descriptions into “moving guy” and “truck guy.” Every professional we assign to your relocation is fully qualified to perform all job aspects.

Long-distance moves enable us to put the “green” in Green Van Lines. We make small changes that result in major resource conservation. For example, all our trucks use fuel-efficient engines. That change cost us some money, but to us, any investment in lower emissions is a good investment.

Vehicle Moves

Long distance relocations and vehicle moves often go hand in hand. Driving your car or truck a long distance adds needless wear and tear to the drivetrain. You have big plans for your vehicle, and those plans do not involve moving it from Point A to Point B.

We do not simply hitch your vehicle to a trailer. As mentioned, our Green Van Lines team of experienced professionals can handle all aspects of your move. That includes safe and secure vehicle relocation. So, if you want us to move a large object, like a truck or car, there is no costly moving delay. We also handle vehicle moves during local relocations. Sit back and let someone else handle the driving chores.

Directions to Nearest Branch

If you’re located in Mesquite and require the services of an experienced moving company, contact our office in Garland, TX. Our address is 4417 Forest Lane, Garland, TX 75042.

Click here to find the Green Van Lines location nearest you. Once you reach out to us, our experienced professionals evaluate your needs and then get to work on your behalf. The clock is ticking down toward moving day. Put time on your side and call us now.

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To hire the best movers in Mesquite, contact Green Van Lines at 888-770-4733. We’re awaiting your phone call today.

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