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For many years, Keller was only a whistle-stop on the Texas and Pacific Railway. As late as 1970, Keller had fewer than 1,500 residents. Since then, the town has grown by a starting 3,000 percent. Today, Keller is one of the largest suburbs in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and among the one hundred largest towns in Texas. So, Keller movers have many amenities for residents and a large potential customer base for relocating businesses.

Cost is usually the primary consideration, and perhaps the sole consideration, in both residential and commercial relocations. So, at Green Van Lines, we work hard to conserve our resource consumption and keep our costs low. But the cost is not the only reason we run a tight ship. We conserve resources at every opportunity because that’s the right thing to do.

Local Moves: How to do it right?

Keller’s size and location attract many businesses and families from other parts of North Texas, such as Garland and Waxahachie. Some people move to be closer to work. Others relocate to be closer to, or further away from, family members. Moreover, Keller has a low poverty rate. So, most area families have some disposable income that they are willing to spend at local businesses.

Local move costs are relatively easy to predict. The size of the residence or business is usually the leading factor. Other factors include the amount of moving support needed, the relocation schedule, and the amount of moving supplies needed.

At Green Van Lines, we usually offer flat-fee pricing for local moves. The fee calculation process is completely transparent. So, you understand everything about our bill, and there are no unpleasant surprises when the bill comes due.

Green Van Lines is not the cheapest moving company in Keller. But, we promise to give our customers the maximum value for their money.


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Pricing for Long Distance Moves

No major highways or interstates go through Keller. That fact gives this community much of its charm. That fact also makes long distance relocations to Keller somewhat challenging. But our experienced teams know how to overcome challenges without driving up customer costs.

Many companies do not offer upfront pricing on long distance moving. That’s usually because they are inexperienced in this area and not sure what to charge. But at Green Van Lines, the same transparent pricing policy we have in local moves applies to our long distance relocations.

Of course, if traditional per-pound pricing is better for your business or family, that option is available as well. Every move is different, which is why we offer different pricing plans.

Whatever pricing option you chose, our guarantee remains the same. Some companies make big promises, but at Green Van Lines, we simply promise to work hard and make this relocation experience the best one for you. We want to be your go-to moving company because we focus on long-term relationships.

Vehicle Moves

Coupling a vehicle move with a long distance move is usually an economical choice. Yes, the upfront cost might be slightly higher. But the reduced wear and tear on your vehicle, not to mention the reduced wear and tear on your psyche, is well worth that investment.

When you reach out to us, be sure and ask about one of our complete move packages. That includes extras like vehicle relocation, usually at a reduced cost. Since our team will be at your location anyway, a vehicle move is usually a simple matter, at least for us.

Furthermore, at a time when environmental consciousness is so important for so many people, a vehicle relocation allows you to conserve resources and be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

About Commercial Relocations

Demographically, Keller is relatively diverse and affluent. So, regardless of your target age group, there are customers waiting for you in Keller. Additionally, as mentioned, these individuals are willing to spend their money on your business.

Almost all the businesses in North Texas are small businesses with fewer than fifty employees.

So, at Green Van Lines, we are highly experienced in relocations like:

  • Healthcare: Many of our healthcare relocations involve neighborhood clinics. It’s essential that patients feel comfortable when they walk in the door. So, we help you create the proper environment.
  • Retail: Specialty clothing stores and other boutiques are very popular in Keller. We help get these businesses up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Hospitality: The Airbnb and timeshare industries are growing rapidly, especially in places like Keller that are near popular entertainment venues yet still offer a quiet lifestyle. Our team understands and appreciates the unique needs that these businesses have.

Our vast experience in this area pays dividends in terms of relocation costs. We accurately estimate our resource consumption, both humans and mechanical resources. That means the lowest possible cost.


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Residential Moves

The aforementioned lack of highways significantly reduces pollution in Keller. Moreover, Keller has above-average schools, eleven well-kept parks, and over twenty-six miles of biking and hiking trails. All these attributes make this community an attractive destination for you and your family.

Many people are upsizing when they move to Keller. That could mean a growing income, or simply a growing family. So, we work hard to keep upsizing costs down. We do not assume that you have money to burn in these situations, because in most cases, that’s simply not true. Instead, our commitment to top value for your dollar remains unchanged.

At Green Van Lines, we have been involved in thousands of residential moves. We have the experience and skill level required to complete any move these days. From that experience, we have learned the exact method to move all of your most prized possessions and furniture safely and securely.

Other movers are downsizing. These individuals often chose to retain the green moving crates we use instead of cardboard boxes. These moving crates easily double as storage crates. And, since they are easily stackable, they significantly increase the amount of storage space in your new place.
For all movers, we also offer a wide range of secure and convenient offsite storage solutions. Think of us as your extra storage locker, garage, or anything in between.

Corporate HQ Relocations

Some companies treat corporate headquarter relocations like commercial relocations. But we understand that these moves do not just involve things. They also involve people.

Most corporate moves relocations involve several different families with several different needs. The experienced professionals at Green Van Lines are able to meet all these needs and help your leadership team feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.

Directions to Nearest Branch

Click here to find the Green Van Lines location nearest you. You’ll notice that we have many locations across the country. But although we have nationwide resources, our customers also get a small-town experience every time they move with us.

For further information or in-person service, visit our office in Garland. Our address is 4417 Forest Lane, Garland, TX 75042.

About Keller

Keller, a relatively small suburb in Tarrant County, has always advertised itself as a balance of “big-city comforts with small-town charm.” The town is mostly residential and has around 300 acres of developed land, 11 parks, and 23 miles worth of hiking and biking trails. It is safe to assume the locals enjoy getting outdoors, weather permitting. When it comes to food, everyone loves visiting FnG Eats and Keller Tavern in their off-hours.

Contact Us

If you require the expert services of movers in Keller, contact Green Van Lines at 888-770-4733. We’d be happy to help. We serve the entire Keller TX 76248, 76262.

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