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Relocation Services: Hurst, Texas (moving in 2022)

This thriving Dallas-Fort Worth suburb is located in one of the most densely-populated areas of Texas. Other mid-sized towns within easy driving distance include Euless, Bedford, North Richland Hills, Grapevine, and Colleyville. 

This location, and its proximity to DFW airport, make Hurst one of the most popular DFW suburbs, for both businesses and families. Years of steady, but modest, growth make this picture even more attractive.

At Green Van Lines, our team is intimately familiar with places that, to many people, are little more than dots on a map. So, whether you are coming or going, we know the most efficient way to get you from Point A to Point B. This knowledge includes everything from avoiding known traffic bottlenecks to knowing the best place to stop for a quick lunch. To us, successful relocations are built on service that exceeds your expectations.

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About Hurst

Hurst is a city considered to be part of the Dallas and Fort Worth suburbs and is home to the North East Mall, which was ranked the “#1 Shopping Mall in Tarrant County” and third-biggest shopping center in Texas. More recently, the North East Cinemark Rave 18 opened – Hurst’s only cinema complex.

Local Moves

Most of the relocations we handle at Green Van Lines are local Hurst, Texas movers. But just because the distance is short, that does not mean the process is easy and we allow ourselves to take shortcuts.

We handle local movers with the same care and professionalism as the largest corporate relocation. That care includes using the least amount of packaging possible to protect your valuable possessions and storing them in the most practical and convenient way

That professionalism involves old-fashioned values, like precision, cost-effectiveness, and punctuality.

All that being said, road bumps are practically inevitable. We do not let minor issues distract us from our mission to be the best and most environmentally-conscious movers in Hurst. Instead, we look for practical solutions to everyday problems.

Long Distance Moves in Hurst

When your entire life or entire business goes into packing crates and travels vast distances, you need a great deal of confidence in your moving company. At Green Van Lines, we inspire that kind of confidence.

Above all, our passion fuels our purpose. From the time we opened our very first location in Dallas, we have sought to be a value-driven and eco-friendly moving company. This attitude permeates every long distance move we make.

Many people associate long distance relocations with a sky-high cost. Frequently, that’s the case with companies that charge by the mile or by the pound. But at Green Van Lines, we have several available payment methods. That includes flat-fee moves. So, when our initial moving consultation concludes, many of our customers know exactly what they will pay.

Long-distance move is also resource-intensive. Traditionally, these moves involve lots of packing materials, lots of labor, and lots of fuel consumption.

In terms of packing, our Hurst movers typically use stackable plastic bins as opposed to disposable cardboard boxes. With a little TLC, the bins are easy to reuse on multiple moves. They are also easier for our team members, and our customers, to handle. So, the human cost of moving, which might be the most important line item, is lower.

As for labor size, during our initial consultation, we carefully review the items to be moved. So, the team that shows up on moving day is just the right size for the job.

Finally, as for long distance fuel consumption, our trucks use the most efficient diesel engines. It costs a little more to reduce emissions and take care of our environment, but since we live here too, that’s a cost we are eager to bear.

Vehicle Moves

No matter what kind of vehicle you own, it has a finite lifespan. Simply driving from one place to another, especially over a long distance, is usually not a good idea. Throw in the fact that the route is typically over unfamiliar territory, and a bad idea becomes worse.
At Green Van Lines, our Hurst movers offer inexpensive solutions that save wear and tear on your vehicle. Additionally, moving a car or truck virtually eliminates the risk of a vehicle collision, vehicle malfunction, or other mishaps.

Commercial Relocations

Hurst is in the middle of one of the most affluent sections of Tarrant County. Therefore, no matter what good or service you sell or offer, Hurst is usually a good place to set up shop. Some of the commercial move we handle include:

  • Offices: An office is more than desks and chairs. It’s also equipment and files. Additionally, time is money in these situations. Therefore, we ensure that you are up and running in your new location as quickly as possible.
  • Laboratories: Small and large labs have some of the most delicate equipment that we work with. Attention to detail is important in these moves as well. So, we give these relocations the respect they deserve.
  • Libraries: Moving hundreds of thousands of individual items at once, many of which are very fragile, require a special touch. At Green Van Lines, we have the expertise you need.

We also offer a wide range of supporting services, such as secure information storage and convenient furniture/fixture storage.


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Residential Moves

Most residential moves involve downsizing, upsizing, or other significant life changes. So, we handle these relocations with the utmost professionalism. 

When people downsize, they usually do not want to part with all their possessions. So, as mentioned, we offer a wide range of storage solutions, from large garage-type spaces to secure offsite storage closets.

Speaking of security, our storage facilities are constantly monitored. But they are not on lockdown. You can access your things at almost any time. Upsizing sometimes presents the opposite problem. To fully utilize your new space, we connect people like you with designers and other professionals.

In both of these situations, we do more than deliver your possessions to a new address. We help you get to know your new neighborhood so you feel more at home. At Green Van Lines, that’s just one way we build relationships with customers and go the extra mile for you.

Auto Movers

We fully understand the importance and value of your vehicles. Whether you own a collection of vintage cars or a series of work trucks for your business, our team of experts will safely load each car onto our specially designed trailers and carriers. We will safely deliver your car collection anywhere in the country. Corporate HQ Relocations Hurst is the home of Bell Helicopter.

That, and its proximity to DFW Airport, attracts a number of aerospace corporations to the Hurst area. Not all moving companies are qualified to handle these relocations, as they fit somewhere between residential and commercial moves.

So, instead of cutting back on services, we expand them. We stick to the schedule so you are up and running as quickly as possible. And, we help your key employees get to know their new neighborhoods. The more comfortable they feel, the more productive they are.

Directions to Nearest Branch

Click here to find your nearest Green Van Lines location. You’ll also find a Plan Your Move link on this page. We invite you to click on it as well, so we can get to know you better and start making preparations for your major relocation. Because no matter how big or small it is, a relocation is always a major event in your life. For further questions regarding our moving services, visit our office in Dallas. Our address is 4310 McEwen Rd, Dallas, TX 75244.

Contact Us

Give Green Van Lines a call today at 888-770-4733. We’ll send over a few Hurst movers to help relocate your home or office in no time. We serve the entire Hurst, TX 76022, 76053, 76054, 76180.

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