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“Proud and Progressive” Haltom City is about as close as one can get to Fort Worth without actually living in Fort Worth. Many Fort Worth suburbs, like Euless, are outer suburbs. But Haltom City is almost a subset of Fort Worth. This community is only about five miles from downtown Fort Worth. That location makes it an ideal place for your family or business.

The experienced team at Green Van Lines has successfully relocated thousands of businesses and families into communities like Haltom City. Because of our experience, we know what works and what doesn’t work. So, when we partner with you, we fine-tune our methods to suit your specific needs. The result is a relocation experience that, hopefully, keeps you coming back to us.

Residential Moves

Haltom City has grown steadily, but not spectacularly, since the 1990s. So, when your family moves here, they are joining a tight-knit community that has a small-town feel and ready access to everything Fort Worth has to offer. Furthermore, Haltom City is an ethnically diverse community. So, almost regardless of its background or practices, your family will find a home here.

Our Green Van Lines team has performed relocations in every corner of Haltom City and other Dallas-Fort Worth communities. So, we quickly set up your new residence, so you can put down roots and bloom where you are planted.

We are also experienced in all different sizes of residential relocations, from one-bedroom apartments to large mansions. We treat all these customers the same. Additionally, our team knows the tools they need to get the job done. They never use too much equipment, because that wastes precious natural resources. And, they never use too little equipment, because that would cause costly delays.

movers-holding-move-in-lettersCorporate HQ Relocations

Haltom City is an excellent place to move your corporate headquarters. The nerve center of your business should be centrally located in a thriving community.

Much like residential moves come in all sizes, corporate headquarter moves also come in all sizes. Some corporate move headquarters are little more than a few people and a few laptops. Other of these relocations are almost mind-bogglingly large. All these moves create their own set of challenges, and the Green Van Lines team is more than capable of meeting these challenges.

Commercial Relocations

Haltom City is a diverse community commercially as well as demographically. So, whatever good or service your business offers, you’ll find a customer base in Haltom City. Additionally, this community is very accessible from nearby areas. Thus, you have the opportunity to attract a regional customer base as well.

At Green Van Lines, our experienced team knows that different businesses have different needs. Some of the relocations we handle on a regular basis include:

  • Office: Remote work is more common than ever, but the office is still the backbone of most commercial enterprises. We set your team up in an environment where they can work closely with one another while still maintaining their independence.
  • Retail: An attractive and convenient layout is essential for retail establishments, such as clothing boutiques and convenience stores. Since our team members are from this area, they know what customers respond favorably to, and they are more than happy to share their insights.
  • Laboratory: Over the last several years, laboratory equipment has evolved from a few blood test machines to some of the most sophisticated devices in the healthcare industry. These instruments are also very delicate. So, we give them the care and attention they deserve during relocations, so they are ready to use when you need them.

Our experience in these different areas helps us keep our costs low. We know what we need to do, and we know what these things cost. This efficiency serves our customers well.

Local Moves

Haltom City’s commercial and demographic diversity, along with its location, make it a popular destination for local relocations. There is something for everyone here, and even more, is easily accessible.

Experience matters in local moves. To us, Haltom City is not just a GPS spot. We know the nuances of individual neighborhoods. That means everything from traffic patterns to neighborhood noise regulations. So, we do more than move your stuff. The Green Van Lines team helps your family or business transition to a new location.

This experience makes us more efficient, and that means lower moving costs. When we save money, we always pass these savings on to our customers.

Auto Movers

Do you need to move your vehicle in addition to your household items? Our auto transport services are affordable, reliable, and efficient.


Long Distance Moves

Five major highways surround Haltom City. So, if you are planning a long distance relocation, the city is easily accessible. However, Haltom City is not a very large city, from a geographic perspective. So, your relocation team must know more than which freeway exit to take. The team must also know how to navigate through city streets.

Once again, our experience is critical. Our team members know how to get you where you are going. That helps make the moving transition, which is always rough, a little smoother.

Long distance relocations also allow us to conserve the maximum amount of resources. For example, instead of cardboard boxes, our moves usually rely on reusable shipping and storage crates. Most cardboard boxes go straight into landfills. But our green moving crates either serve as storage crates or go back to our office for the next move.

Vehicle Moves

Smaller communities like Haltom City are becoming more pedestrian-friendly. What better way to ease into this lifestyle than by allowing us to relocate your vehicle along with your other possessions?

Our experienced team does more than your vehicle to a trailer hitch. We know how to safely and securely store your vehicle in a way that avoids excess wear and tear, so it is ready to serve you at your new location.

Vehicle relocation also fits perfectly with our mission to conserve resources. Fewer vehicles on the road mean less resource consumption. That’s important to you, and it’s important to us.

Direction to Nearest Branch

Come by and see us at our Haltom City branch – we’re always happy to talk with you and help answer your questions. We serve the entire Haltom City, TX 76111, 76117, 76137, 76148.

About Haltom City

Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Haltom City is a charming suburb closest to Fort Worth. It is just 20 miles from the DFW International Airport in Irving, and it has a bustling population of nearly 43,000 residents. The Green Van Lines team is proud to serve the residents of Haltom City!

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