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If your business or family is looking for a small town with big town amenities, Celina, Texas, might be the place for you. This quaint community is located on the northwestern edge of Denton County. 
So, although it’s very close to Dallas and the heart of the Metroplex, Celina also offers the slower pace of life that’s so prevalent in smaller towns. Some communities promise small-town living and big-city amenities that Celina delivers.

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Basic living principles, like hard work, dedication to community, and commitment to family, are important to people in Celina. So is economic value. At Green Van Lines, that’s what we deliver. 

We are not the cheapest mover in Denton, and we do not want that designation. We also don’t make grandiose promises about our services. Instead, we give top value for your moving dollar. 

And, we keep things basic. We simply promise to give our best effort on every relocation job we take. 

Short Distance Moves

Many Metroplex families want a change of pace but don’t want to wander too far from home. Similarly, many businesses want to attract different kinds of customers. Celina is an ideal destination in situations like these. 

How much the relocation will cost?

At Green Van Lines, most of the relocations we handle are local movers in Celina tx of less than fifty miles. So, our local moves are very efficient operations. Once we know the size of the move (i.e. 3BR house to 3BR house), your current address, and your destination, we have a good idea of how much the relocation will cost. We don’t like surprise financial quotes any more than you do.

Speaking of the size of the move, many local relocations involve upsizing or downsizing. That usually means putting items into storage or taking them out. We offer a wide range of convenient and secure storage solutions. Most of our facilities are accessible 24/7/365. Our security measures are designed to keep unauthorized people out and allow authorized users easy access at all times.

We also help families who are moving to or from other communities in Denton County. We offer a full array of moving services, from moving supplies for do-it-yourselfers to complete, full-service relocations.

Long Distance Relocations to Celina, Texas

People have been moving to Celina from other parts of the country for a very long time. The Celina Pike, which was Denton County’s first paved road, opened in 1915. Today, most long-distance relocations involve higher education (the sprawling University of North Texas is a short distance away), families looking for a change of pace, or businesses looking to break into the D/FW market. 

Our long distance relocation customers are especially concerned with value. These relocations often cost thousands of dollars, especially if you are relocating a large family or business. Before you spend that kind of money, you need to know what you are getting in return.

At Green Van Lines, we guarantee our service and our results. Our service starts with a thorough review of your situation. We carefully law out all your moving options, including the pros and cons of each one. Then, come moving day, our experienced professionals show up on time, work hard, and don’t leave a mess. 

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Tips For Commercial Moves

In small towns like movers Celina tx, customers like doing business with local companies. Furthermore, these customers like to develop long-term relationships with business owners. 

Some companies we often help relocate include:

  • Restaurants: Celina is a very diverse community, so all kinds of eateries have customers waiting for them. We also help to relocate restaurants and deal with food service codes and other local laws.
  • Hotels: D/FW guests often look for a quiet, out-of-the-way place to stay that’s also close to the action. Smaller establishments, like bed and breakfast inns, do especially well in Celina.
  • Places of Worship: As mentioned, Celina is a very diverse community. People of many different faiths make their homes here. Furthermore, the land is relatively cheap in Celina. If you want to expand your church, synagogue, mosque, or other places of worship, Celina movers might be a good destination.

Many of the businesses we help relocate don’t directly sell anything. At Green Van Lines, we also handle corporate headquarter relocations. Sometimes, these corporate headquarters are little more than a few desks and laptops. We also help the people in these corporate headquarters relocate their lives.

Residential Relocations in Celina tx

When we help a family move from one place to another, we understand that this relocation is a very emotional experience. There’s the excitement of going to a new place and the sadness of leaving someplace behind. Sometimes, there is more excitement than sadness and vice-versa.

We also understand how budget-conscious many families are. That’s why we offer upfront pricing in most cases. When you know how much a move costs, the entire process is much less stressful.

Many of our residential relocations include vehicle transportation. Many people don’t even think of this option, but it makes sense. As mentioned, moving is very stressful. 

Vehicle relocation reduces this stress and also reduces wear and tear on the family car. Once again, we offer a range of convenient and secure options. We also transport boats and other non-cars.

Residential Movers

Our residential movers in Celina, TX, are ready to tackle any residential moving job. We help pack your entire home efficiently, load the trucks, and deliver everything to your new home. No matter the distance, no matter the scope of the job, Green Van Lines is here for your family!

Contact Us Now

Click here to start planning your movers in Celina TX and see the Green Van Lines difference for yourself. Our commitment to value is just one of the core values we hold dear. We have the resources to handle the largest relocations and the commitment to handle the smallest ones. 

About Hugo, TX

Families living in Celina, TX, may find themselves in need of efficient moving services to an affluent neighborhood or into the city. Green Van Lines is proud to help!

Call Green Van Lines for local and long-distance moving services in Hugo, TX. You can reach us at

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