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Since the town began growing after World War II, Benbrook, like Euless and some other Fort Worth suburbs, has been a hard-working community where people stood up for their values. Many of Benbrook’s largest employers are energy production companies. And, a scant two years after the town’s incorporation, voters decided to ban alcohol sales, a policy restated in 1971. That’s what makes Movers Benbrook so appealing.

At Green Van Lines, we also believe in hard work and strong values. Over the years, our hard work has helped us develop proven methods that reduce our expenses. That reduces your costs. We also believe strongly in environmental preservation. This commitment is not just a marketing gimmick. It’s something we believe in, and everything we do reflects that belief.


Local Moves in Benbrook

Benbrook’s southwest Tarrant County location makes it an ideal place for relocating businesses and families in the area. The traffic congestion is not nearly as bad, but Benbrook is still very much part of the Metroplex. Additionally, the landscape is beginning to change, making the area physically attractive.

Our reusable, stackable moving services crates are usually the backbone of our local moves. These mid-sized stackable bins easily replace disposable cardboard boxes. Furthermore, these durable crates can handle heavier loads than most boxes. And, they are easier to lift and handle than bulky cardboard boxes.

After the move is over, these crates easily become modular storage units for your new home or business. Alternatively, you can return them to us where, with a bit of spit and polish, they will be ready for another relocation.

That’s not all that happens after a move. For every relocation we complete, we plant ten trees. Tree-planting is our way of being part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem.

Benbrook Long Distance Moves

Businesses and families from other parts of the state and country also come to Benbrook, once again mostly because of the location. Since 1980, the city has grown steadily, but not spectacularly.

That growth pattern means Benbrook is a very well-established community that invites people to put down roots. At the same time, Benbrook is also a relatively diverse community, so your business or family can find a home here.

Some companies shy away from long distance moves. But at Green Van Lines, we embrace them, mostly because they give us a chance to use our highly efficient biodiesel large trucks. The more powerful engine lets us easily transport additional weight. And, the biodiesel mechanism significantly reduces emissions.

Cost is a priority for us as well. We offer a range of pricing plans, including long distance flat fee moves, so your business or family can budget accordingly.

Vehicle Moves

These specialized relocations make your local or long distance move much more efficient. We are already taking care of your personal property, so we might as well take care of your vehicle as well. Since it is an older suburb, many of Benbrook’s streets are rather narrow. Our experienced truck drivers, most of whom are from the Benbrook area, know how to navigate these streets. So, your vehicle is safe with us.

Additionally, we take great care when loading and unloading your vehicle. Since we have moved so many vehicles before, we know how to safely relocate your family car, so when you reach your new home, you will be ready to go. Our team members even help out with other details, such as the best local barbecue restaurant.

Commercial Relocations to Benbrook

Like many mid-sized North Texas cities, many Benbrook residents prefer to do business with local companies. So, your relocating business must have more than a local address. It must have a connection to the community. At Green Van Lines, we help many kinds of businesses relocate seamlessly so they can do just that. Some examples include:

  • Warehouses: Prompt delivery is essential. Without it, your customers will go somewhere else. As a result, warehouse space is essential as well. It does not matter if space is a backroom or a huge standalone facility.
  • Hospitality: Basically, the hospitality industry is built on relationships. Guests need to feel comfortable in your space, whether that space is a large hotel or a small Airbnb rental. At Green Van Lines, our seamless relocations help you feel more comfortable at your new address, so you can take better care of your guests.
  • Healthcare: The aging Tarrant County population has created an outsized demand for healthcare services, from small clinics to large hospitals. The Green Van Lines team helps your business take advantage of this market by building relationships.

Benbrook businesses also have strong values. We share those values at Green Van Lines. Just like businesses invest in their home communities, we invest in our planet’s future.


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Benbrook Residential Moves

Most Benbrook relocations involve upsizing or downsizing families. At Green Van Lines, we offer complete storage solutions for these families. Sometimes that means retrieving items from an existing storage area and moving them to your new residence. Sometimes that means transporting items to a new storage facility. That facility could be an extra closet or an extra garage.

These moves help us display our commitment to the environment. The team which comes to your door is the right size to do the job. There is no waste. Our experience and frugality benefit you and benefit our environment.

Corporate HQ Relocations

Benbrook is on the edge of West Texas. As a result, a number of energy exploration and production companies have their corporate headquarters in Benbrook. The multifaceted Weatherford International company is probably the best example.

Most of the corporate headquarter moves we handle are not nearly this big. In fact, many are little more than a few desks and laptops. But we give all these relocations come with our same commitments to environmental quality, cost reduction, and simple hard work.

Directions to Nearest Branch

Click here to find the Green Van Lines branch nearest you. Our team is excited to help your business or family relocate to Benbrook. Our headquarters is located in Addison, TX. You will find the office at 4015 Belt Line Road, TX 75001.

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About Benbrook

Benbrook, a city located in Tarrant County, features various opportunities for families moving to the area. Some of our top employers include Walmart, Weatherford International, and Western Hills High School. Residents enjoy local eateries like Taco Villa or Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant.

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