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Since 1960, the North Dallas suburb of Allen has grown from a wide spot in the road to, according to a national publication, the second-best place to live and the second-best place to start a career in the United States. That unique combination draws families and businesses from near and far to Allen texas. Other area suburbs, like Corinth, have similar growth and success stories.

Exponential growth is often associated with a waste of resources. So, at Green Van Lines, we do our part to preserve our environment for future generations. This commitment means an additional financial investment. But we never pass these costs on to our customers. Investing in our planet’s future is an investment that we are happy to make, because the dividends cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

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Moving Your Family

When families evaluate possible moving destinations, schools and safety are usually at or near the top of the list. Allen Texas is at or near the top of the list in both areas.

Allen has its own school district which is highly responsive to local needs. The two centerpieces of Allen ISD are a new 110,000 square foot STEM facility and an 18,000-seat football stadium that rivals many professional sports stadiums in the area. Furthermore, a national publication recently ranked Allen as the second-safest city with more than 50,000 people in Texas.

So, whatever your family is looking for, you will probably find it in Allen Texas. The decades-long expansion has also created plenty of housing options, from standalone single-family homes to sprawling Rubenesque developments.

Moving Your Corporate HQ

MonkeySports, Credit Union of Texas, PFSWeb, and CVE Technology are just a few of the large corporations that are headquartered in Allen. The city’s proximity to information and transportation centers, as well as its diverse economy, led these companies to Allen. These circumstances also make Allen an ideal home base for your leadership team.

Allen-based corporations have a number of things in common, and strong values are one of these things. If your corporation has a reason for existence other than making money, it will find a home here. For example, Green Van Lines is committed to environmental preservation. That’s why we have a strong presence in Allen.

For every corporate HQ we relocate, we plant ten trees. That’s our way of being part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem.

Moving Your Business to Allen Texas

Allen Texas is locally famous for its three major retail developments. These three large developments offer a wide range of shopping options for different income levels and tastes. Therefore, no matter what good or service your business offers, there is a market waiting for you in Allen. Some examples include:

Warehouses: Today’s customers demand convenience. If you cannot provide the item today, customers will almost certainly go somewhere else. At Green Van Lines, we set up your warehouse on a firm foundation, so you can efficiently serve your customers.

Restaurants: Shoppers get hungry and thirsty. A diverse shopping population means a diverse palate. Once again, whatever food you serve, there will probably be customers at your counter.

Hospitality: Allen’s thriving business community and proximity to D/FW Airport and Love Field make it a prime place for business travelers. These individuals seek different experiences. Some want to stay in large hotels and others prefer small Airbnb rentals. There is a place for both these things in Allen Texas.

When your business arrives in Allen, it will probably be on one of the biodiesel trucks in our Green Van Lines fleet. These efficient vehicles help us keep our expenses low and do something good for our world at the same time.

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Allen Texas: Moving Over Short Distances

Allen’s residential and commercial move qualities often attract families and businesses from other parts of the Metroplex. Allen’s extensive community park system often seals the deal. The city’s several recreation centers, including a golf course, and numerous neighborhood parks are excellent amenities for families and employees.

Reusable moving crates, which replace disposable cardboard boxes, are normally the backbone of a local move at Green Van Lines.

These durable, stackable crates are much more efficient than cardboard boxes because our crates are much easier to handle. When the move is over, many customers return their crates to us where, with a little TLC, we get them ready for reuse. Other customers retain their crates for use as modular storage units. Either way, our customers win, and so does our environment.

Moving Over Long Distances

Allen is an ideal destination for people who want big-city amenities and a small-town environment. That’s a rare combination among outer rim Dallas suburbs. Allen is not as large or as affluent as some other locations, and that’s the way residents like it.

There are no two ways about it. Long distance moves are quite expensive. However, much of that expense is because some companies are not fully equipped to handle such relocations.

They are local moving service companies that try to take an extra step. But at Green Van Lines, we are a local company with nationwide resources. So, long distance moves are nothing to us. We approach them the same way we approach all our other relocations.

Moving Your Vehicle

If you are coming from a long way away, consider adding your vehicle to the items we are moving. Vehicle moves increase our efficiency, decrease wear-and-tear on vehicles, and decrease wear-and-tear on their drivers. In a time when stress is high and peace of mind is hard to find, a vehicle relocation gives you one less thing to worry about.

Furthermore, at Green Van Lines, we do not simply attach your vehicle to a trailer hitch. We offer customized solutions for different vehicles that are safe and convenient for everyone concerned.

Vehicle relocations mesh well with our corporate moves mission. Every vehicle that’s off the road even for a few hours contributes to a more sustainable future.

Directions to Nearest Branch

Click here to find the Green Van Lines branch nearest you. We put our customers first in every relocation, but our commitment to environmental quality is a very close second. That’s a rather unique combination among Allen, Texas movers.

If you live or work in Allen and require efficient moving services, visit our office in Garland, TX. Our address is 4417 Forest Lane, Garland, TX 75042.

About Allen

Allen is a relatively small town located in Collin County. With a population of just over 89,000, Allen features a campus of Collin College and the Allen Independent School District. In total, there are seven hotels, various parks and trails, and plenty of restaurants to visit.

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