When you’re planning a big move, you are likely worried about packing every item. Over time, it’s normal for us to acquire goods, furniture, clothing, and other possessions that take up quite a bit of space.

There’s simply no room for everything. In that case, where do you store everything? There are air-conditioned and climate-controlled storage services everywhere these days!

Air-Conditioned Storage

An air-conditioned storage facility is different from a climate-controlled facility, despite commonly-held belief. For instance, an air-conditioned storage facility offers:

  • Temperature

     If any of your goods require a cool environment, an air-conditioned facility can handle the task with ease.

  • Humidity

     In Texas, humidity is a genuine problem. Thankfully, your wood furniture, appliances, artwork, and books are safe and sound with proper air conditioning.

  • Environmental Changes 

    When your possessions are used to cool the environment, such as in your home, changes can mean drastic results. An air-conditioned facility reduces such environmental changes.

Climate-Controlled Storage

A climate-controlled storage facility provides numerous benefits for your possessions. Let’s take a look at those now:

  • Protection 

    First and foremost, climate-controlled storage protects your possessions from extreme temperatures. In Texas, it’s common for temperatures to reach the triple digits.

    The sun is positively baking. Any sensitive items, such as wood furniture, must be stored at an appropriate temperature.

  • Air Quality 

    Many climate-controlled storage units have amazing air quality. With clean air comes better protection for your sensitive electronics and documents. Paper goods, for example, are safe!

  • Dust and Debris 

    Climate control means a barrier against both dust and debris. Anything that could harm your goods is kept outside and away from everything!

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