Industrial Moves: A Comprehensive Checklist

Industrial moves may seem complex at first, but if you equip yourself with research and a thorough to-do list, the entire process will be much more manageable. Before moving day rolls around, here’s the industrial move checklist that you need to have on hand. Make sure you can answer the following questions:

Do we have a schedule, and does everyone know about it?

Planning and communication are key when it comes to industrial moves. The department heads will need to understand exactly what part of the move is happening when, and how they (and their team members) fit into the schedule.

Who is handling each part of the move?

Delegation can make the move much simpler, but only if everyone actually knows what role they are playing during the relocation. Double-check to ensure that each and every team member knows what they are responsible for.

What is our Plan B if things go wrong?

If the electricity in the new building hasn’t been turned on, what will you do? If the moving van is late, how will you handle the situation? By preparing for an array of unfortunate occurrences, you’ll be more prepared and less stressed, able to handle anything that doesn’t go according to plan.

Has the floor plan already been decided?

The movers will need to know exactly where every piece of furniture is going. Therefore, it’s smart to have the floor plan designed before you even arrive at the new building. This will make the movers’ job easier, and also ensure that everything ends up where it needs to be.

Will there be extra fees from our moving service?

Being surprised by hidden fees from a moving company is never a great way to end a relocation. Discuss any additional charges with your moving service well in advance, so that everyone knows exactly what the final cost of the industrial move will be.

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