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What began as a “bedroom community” in the early 1950s has become one of the most vibrant cities in the Miami-Dade County area. Town founder  A.L. Mailman named the community for a section of Havana where he maintained a part-time residence. 

So, Miramar (Spanish for “look at the sea”) has been a diverse community right from the start. Therefore, your family or business can not only find a home here. A community of tolerant people is ready to welcome you.

Your upcoming move could be a breeze with Green Van Lines. Whether you’re moving under 300 miles or across the country, we have affordable moving services in Miramar, FL, to help. We routinely work with homeowners and local businesses who need a hand!

What County Is Miramar FL In?

Situated in southwestern Broward County, Miramar is 14 miles in length from east to west and 2.5 miles in width, making it the 3rd largest city in Broward County in terms of land size and the 5th largest city in Broward in terms of population.

Diversity is one of our core values at Green Van Lines. As our name implies, commitment to our environment is another value we hold dear. This commitment permeates everything we do. We aren’t looking to change the world. But we do strive to be part of the solution, instead of part of the problem. If we all do our part, Florida will be an even better place to live.

Where Is Miramar Florida?

Originally, the only way in and out of Miramar was a two-lane state highway or an unimproved dirt road. Things have changed a lot. Today, Miramar, which is between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, is a very accessible community.

At the same time, it’s far enough inland to be slightly out of the way. This combination makes it an attractive destination for new Floridians.

Our bio-diesel trucks are an important part of our moving long distances relocation packages. These efficient trucks reduce our moving costs, and we pass those savings on to you. Furthermore, these trucks reduce carbon emissions. 

Local Moves to Miramar, Florida

Over half the land in Miramar is undeveloped. That’s a very rare thing in South Florida. Miramar is an almost-unheard of combination of wide, open spaces and a thriving community of over 150,000 people. So, Miramar is one of the largest cities in South Florida and also one of the most opportunistic cities.

Movers in Miramar, FL

Our reusable moving crates are an important part of our local relocations. These plastic crates are much more efficient than single-use disposable cardboard boxes. Most of our customers either reuse these crates as modular storage bins or send them back to us. Either way, these crates have much more to give. We are committed to doing our part.

At Green Van Lines, our local relocations, and all our other move services, come with a dual guarantee. We guarantee our service as well as our results. The professional team that arrives at your door on Moving Day is well-prepared and ready to get to work.

They know their jobs and they have the tools to do them. During the moving process, we take good care of your valuable possessions. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we are fully bonded and insured.

Commercial Relocations With Diversity

Miramar has one of the fastest-growing populations in South Florida. Potential new customers arrive in town almost daily. To fully tap into this emerging market, if you plan to relocate your business to Miramar, it’s probably better to make that move sooner rather than later. You know what they say about the early bird and the worm. 

Some of the commercial relocations we handle most include:

  • Schools: These facilities commonly move into larger or newer facilities. Just as commonly, schools expand. They add new classrooms, new administrative areas, or new common areas, like a new cafeteria. We handle all these corporate relocation tasks at Green Van Lines.
  • Hospitals: When clinics and hospitals relocate or expand, the relocation involves expensive and delicate equipment. Our team members handle these items with care yet still complete your move as efficiently as possible.
  • Retail: These businesses depend heavily on daily foot traffic. Long down times, like a delayed move, could cost thousands of dollars. Furthermore, customers are very picky. If items are out of place or there is any relocation-based inconvenience, many customers go elsewhere.
  • Warehouse: Fulfillment centers involve basically the same issues. Customers demand efficiency. So, at Green Van Lines, we don’t just move boxes, We help get your warehouse up and running as quickly as possible.

Large and small corporations often relocate to mid-sized communities in major metropolitan areas. JL Audio, Spirit Airlines, and the FBI’s South Florida field office have all moved here in recent years. So, if you are coming to Miramar, we are here to help.

miramar florida view of beautiful city skyline

Residential Moves In Miramar Beach Florida

As mentioned, Miramar is a very diverse community. Almost half the residents speak a language other than English at home. Miramar is also a diverse economic community. Major employers include healthcare, communications, hospitality, and higher education. 

Many people come to this city because they want a more diverse cultural background and/or additional employment opportunities in a new industry.

Residential moves give us an opportunity to conserve resources. Some moving companies send a small army of movers and a very large truck to perform a residential move. But we allot resources based on the size of the move. So, we provide the right service at the right time at the right cost.

About Miramar

Miramar, a city in Broward County, is known for more than the hurricanes striking the shores. The city is also home to Ross University and more!

Schedule prompt moving services in Miramar, FL, with Green Van Lines. Give us a call anytime at (954) 947-8411!

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