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Affordable Local Movers

Whether you are moving home or office, it is important to hire from local moving companies with proven track records. After all, distance is not the point; reliability and professionalism are. It’s something we at Green Van Lines believe in very strongly, and we set our standards by them. We provide a local moving service that makes the task easy. Through our experience and consistency, we’ve established ourselves as a leader in our field. So, whatever your local move requirements, Green Van Lines can take the stress and the headache out of it, and get your belongings to their destination safely and securely.

Local Movers Services

  • When your move is taking you less than 300 miles from your current location, you need to hire from experienced local moving companies. But the skills required are every bit as significant for local moves as it is for long distance and international moves. To come off smoothly, these moves require care, professionalism and experience.
  • Green Van Lines offers a local moving service that covers practically every part of the move. Our team of experienced personnel are experts at packing and disassembling at origin, and re-assembling and unpacking at destination, and can provide you with a range of packing materials to keep you adequately supplied for the job in hand.
  • They can even handle specialist items, from priceless antique porcelain vases to your valuable home cinema equipment. So, no matter what needs to be moved, they are safe in our hands.
  • At Green Van Lines, we’ve also moved with the times, committing ourselves to a more transparent hourly-based billing system that puts the power into your hands, allowing you to save money on local moving services by packing things yourself and having them ready for when Green Van Lines arrives on moving day.
  • And even with a local move, our customers can make a difference to the environment, with eco-friendly reusable Green Crates available to rent instead of cardboard boxes.

What you need to know about local movers?

The rules for local moves are different to those for interstate moves so make sure you understand them. Moving across town can be nearly as challenging as moving across country, but you’re hiring local moving companies without the protection of federal agencies. Plus, different rules apply – rules that can vary state by state. Here are some things you should know when you’re making a local move. local_movers_image
  • The major difference between a local move and an interstate move is that local moving companies generally charge by the hour and number of people needed to move your goods a distance of 300 miles or less.
  • If you are paying by the hour for a local moving service, helping the moving team do their job more quickly means saving money. So, before your Green Van Lines team arrives, have your appliances unplugged, ceiling fans disconnected and removed (if you’re taking them), your boxes packed and ready to go. Our moving services are vast, and we can help you with your move in several ways to meet your needs.
  • Stacking packed boxes in a segregated area makes it easy for the movers to load them onto dollies and onto the truck. Labeling each box with the room it belongs in improves the efficiency of the local moving service, especially if the rooms are clearly identify at your new home. You also could have your Green Van Lines movers unload all or most of the boxes in one room, then unpack or move them the rest of the way yourself.
  • With any local move, it’s your choice whether to pack yourself or avail of the packing service in your local moving service package. Green Van Lines can pack breakables and large, fragile items like mirrors, glass table tops and framed artwork with glass – if you desire that service. Remember too, with a local move, carriers are often subject to less liability for damages than with interstate moves.
  • Also, experts advise checking out local moving companies with the Better Business Bureau. Remember, if you’re using a national company, you’ll need to check out the local agent actually handling the move.
  • Another resource is the website, maintained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You can find state-specific lists of moving associations and regulatory agencies at the site. You can also check the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSM) website to see if the mover is a member. The association says it removes the names of members with a repeated pattern of consumer abuse.
Contact Green Van Lines today if you need help with local moving services today, and our experts will be happy to give you a quote right away!

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