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Green Van Lines quote very economical prices for storing your goods. The prices are charged after preparing a list of items you want to store. Our estimator may come to your home or office make an estimate by talking over the phone. You can also personally walk into our office and after providing some necessary information obtain the price list from us. Our prices are straightforward and if in case you want any other services then additional charges will apply.
Why Use Green Van Lines Green Crates?
  • Crates make packing and unpacking quicker, easier and more cost-effective.
  • Renting a crate is less expensive than purchasing a traditional cardboard box. And crates are larger, so less are required.
  • Crates are faster to load, to stack on dollies, load on trucks and unload at the other end. This efficiency saves time and labor.
  • Crates are sturdier and do not “crush”, regardless of how full or empty. Thus, packed items are protected and stacking does not have to be strategic to avoid an avalanche.
  • Crates include sealed lids, therefore contents are not lost.
  • Because plastic crates are reusable, they are more environmentally sound. Cardboard boxes require significant resources and energy to manufacture and take up valuable landfill space when discarded.
  • GreenVanlines GREEN Crates have a lifespan of more than 10 years; they can be reused hundreds of times more than single-use boxes.
  • One crate can eliminate over 400 boxes from landfill waste.
  • No assembly or taping is required and no box breakdown is needed.
  • Crates maximize “cubing” and more efficiently utilize truck space.
  • The EPA has established that the number one way to reduce solid waste in landfills is by reuse.
  • GreenVanLines GREEN Crates are the perfect example of an innovative concept that is cost effective, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable.
  • GreenVanlines provides reusable plastic crates for office moving as an alternative to cardboard boxes. Environmental Benefits.
Compared to corrugated boxes being made and used for corresponding applications, reusable plastic containers:
  • Require 39% less total energy to produce.
  • Produce 95% less total solid waste.
  • Generate 29% less total greenhouse gas emissions.
  • GreenVanLines GREEN Crates are made from 100% recyclable plastic.


Whether you care about saving time, money, or our planet, GreenVanLines GREEN Crates make you more efficient, more cost effective, and add significant sustainability. At GreenVanlines, we are committed not only to improving the moving process but also to improving our world.

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