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General Residential Packing Tips

Moving homes can be stressful, what with the thousands of items to be wrapped and packed in the weeks running up to moving day. Green Van lines has been directly involved in thousands of residential moves, and from that experience, we have learned the secret to getting things moving smoothly. Of course, while packing services is something reputable residential moving companies commonly offer as part of their residential moving service, the truth is that the majority of the packing is done well in advance of moving day. At Green Van Lines, we still see it as part of our job to help you in that task.

Packing Tips: Expert Movers Dallas

  • It is not overstating the fact when we say that Green Van Lines has moved practically everything, especially during residential moves. We’ve transported antique chests and grand pianos, large marble statues and collections of fine China.
  • Green Van Lines is a full-service mover, and a leader amongst residential moving companies. That’s because we offer our customers a residential moving service that is as considerate as it is professional. After all, what is being packed is not just your belongings, but your memories too.
  • We are also committed to finding ways to improve the affordability of our residential moving services (indeed, all our services). That’s why our rates are consistently set amongst the most competitive in the industry.
  • It is also the impetus behind our commitment to providing a greener residential moving service, with the availability of 100% recycled and reusable plastic crates in our Green Crate Rental Program. Spacious and sturdy, they give customers an opportunity to reduce deforestation while answering their residential moving needs – plus, we get to live up to our name!

General Residential Packing Tips

At Green Van lines, we know exactly how much work is involved when moving house. Between wrapping, disassembling, and labelling, a well-organized residential move needs to begin weeks in advance of moving day, and a detailed inventory list compiled to ensure an efficient residential moving service. Most residential moving companies provide packing services, but you can do most of the packing so as to have things ready when the Green Van Lines moving team arrive. Here are some packing tips to help you properly prepare your belongings for transit. image-lm

Avoiding Vibrations

During a residential move, most damage comes from vibrations while in transit. Even in boxes with padded sides, items can be cracked or chipped (like dishes) with a firm jolt in a bouncing truck. Dishes packed on their edge (as in a dishwasher) and surrounded by bubble wrap, have a better chance of surviving unharmed. Our Green Van Lines team says the effect of these vibrations can easily be minimized. Make sure not to leave spaces between items by supplementing that space with blankets, pillows and even clothing. However, be careful not to over pack the box.

Boxes and Materials

Sturdy boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and packing paper are worth every dime. To help our residential moving service move more quickly, we recommend a tape dispenser and box cutter too.
  • Use smaller boxes for books, and bigger boxes for lighter items.
  • Boxes have a seal on the bottom giving their strength, capacity, weight limit and “Edge Crush Test” rating – 32ect is standard for most moving boxes.
  • 44ect is standard for most wardrobe boxes and larger specialty boxes.
  • Get more boxes than you think you’ll need for your residential move, in case you run out close to moving day
  • Use heavy-duty packing tape (not masking tape)
  • Reinforce the bottom of boxes with at least one strip of packing tape


  • Our Green Van Lines teams advise you pack one room at a time, labelling boxes with the correct description of contents and destination as you go along. Be as specific as possible – it’ll pay off when unpacking.
  • When packing heavy items on a residential move, put them in small boxes, with the heaviest on the bottom.
  • Don’t apply packing tape directly on the surface of any polished or painted wood finishes as it leaves a mark when removed.
  • Pack items needed immediately at destination last, and label the boxes “Unpack First”. Residential moving services are swifter when items are clearly prioritized.
  • Double-boxing fragile items and adding cushioning helps eliminate the risk of damage.
  • Residential moving companies like to pack rugs last, as they are usually the first to be laid out in a new home.

Packing Household Items

  • Beds : Once the bed frame is disassembled, tie the rails or any cross-pieces together with packing tape and mark where the pieces fit together. Use plastic covers to protect mattresses and box springs – you may purchase them from our Green Van Lines team at an affordable price. For a swifter residential move, take these items downstairs yourself – it saves our team time and you money.
  • Bureaus and Dressers : A neat packing tip is to use the space in drawers for small, light breakable items, cushioned with loose clothing or blankets. Don’t overload with heavy items. As part of our residential moving service, we wrap dressers in our special blankets, and tape the drawers secure. The blanket protects the dresser from scratching.
  • Clothes : Green Van Lines movers say you can fold and pack clothes in dresser drawers, but for hanging items it’s best to use a wardrobe box. It is an efficient option for a residential move, since they can double as storage boxes for seasonal clothes.
  • Table : A good packing tip for your residential move is to pad the top of the table and wrap the legs to prevent scratching. With larger tables, disassemble and put hardware in a small sealed plastic bag and tape under the table top. Tie legs together. Remove glass tops. Use heavy padding.
  • Chairs : Green Van Lines movers say you can stack armless chairs in pairs with a folded blanket or padding between seats. For chairs with arms, wrap the legs and arms to prevent scratches. Put plastic covers over seating to prevent stains or tears.
  • Large/Light Items : Generally, residential moving companies use comforters and pillows as extra protection for smaller, fragile items in large boxes. But when unpacking, don’t forget they’re there! Otherwise, pack them in extra large boxes or garbage bags.
  • Fine Furniture : Wrap in bubble wrap, or stretch wrap to prevent from small scratches and dust during your residential move. Green Van Lines movers advise you pack them tight to prevent them being caught and torn during handling.
  • Lamps : A packing tip is, once lamps are disassembled, the bases are perfect for putting into dresser doors or chests. If they’re too large, pack them in large boxes with lots of padding. Box the shades with plenty of stuffing, but don’t use newspaper because it can rub off.
  • Books : When packing books for your residential move, only use small boxes as books are quite heavy, and pack them flat with alternating binding. Fill any empty spaces with packing paper, but don’t mix books with other items.
  • Glasses : Wrap each glass in a plastic bag to prevent washing later. Residential moving service providers recommend padding individually with bubble wrap or padding paper to prevent damage.
  • Kitchenware : Pots and pans can be packed creatively in boxes with paper between them. But don’t pack a heavy load.
  • Mirrors/Paintings : For larger mirrors and paintings on a residential move, a frame box works best with extra padding to fill space. Smaller mirrors can be padded and packed in boxes. Be sure to mark all boxes with GLASS so our Green Van Lines team will know to store these boxes on end.
  • Radios/TVs : It is best to pack in the manufacturer’s box, but a large box will do with padding on all sides. To ensure an efficient residential moving service, mark them clearly with FRAGILE, and move the box upright.
  • Rugs/Blankets : A clever packing tip is to sprinkle moth flakes after vacuuming, then roll up and tape. If you are using blankets to pad boxes, be sure to put moth flakes in those boxes as well.
  • Stereos, CDs : Pack each component separately in a well-padded box marked FRAGILE. Tie CDs together in smaller bundles for easier unpacking and pack upright in cases. Fill air space with packing paper.
  • Lawn Mowers : As part of our residential moving service, we will move your lawn mower, but please remove the handle and pack in a sturdy box in advance. Also drain fuel and oil before loading as they are on the non-allowable list.
  • Adult/Child Bikes : Our Green Van Lines team advise you to cover chains and pedals to keep them from snagging on other items during the residential move. Loosen and lower handlebars and seats, and turn handlebars at right angles to save space.
  • Tools/Gardening : Pack shovels, rakes, and any other tools of this shape together and tie with tape. Drain your hoses, coil together and pack in boxes.
  • Paints/Flammables : Green Van Lines’ cannot include these in our dedicated residential moving service, so either leave them behind or dispose of them properly. This includes lighter fluid, solvents, alcohols, ammunition etc.
  • Valuables : KEEP THESE WITH YOU. During your residential move, set aside your valuables in a small container to keep with you. These can include important documents, jewelry, or safe deposit box contents.
  • Appliances : Pack in the original container, but if it’s not available use a small box with lots of padding. A packing tip is don’t use shredded paper, this may clog the appliance. Tape down or wedge with padding any removable or movable parts and doors.
    • Refrigerator/Freezer: Our Green Van Lines teams advise you to unplug these well in advance of your residential move. This is to ensure the interiors are defrosted and dry. A packing tip is to use the space for lightweight linens, clothing, pillows etc. Contact your local dealer to ask if the refrigerator can be moved lying down. If yes, stand it upright for 24 hours before using at your new location.
    • Gas Appliances: Green Van Lines advises you contact your gas company for disconnection.
If you have any questions about the moving process, or if you’d like a quote on having our experts help with your move, don’t hesitate to contact Green Van Lines today for more info!

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